Suhr Classic
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loudfunk 01/02/2012

Suhr Classic : Recensione di loudfunk (content in English)

"Now that's a Super Strat!"

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Made by John Suhr from the Fender custom shop and Pensa Suhr in Lake Elsinore California.
Set-up...alder body, one piece even C shape maple neck, original FLoyd Rose term, 2 Suhr JST single coils, 1 Suhr DSV Humbucker in the bridge, 5 way selector, volume, tone, passive mid control, and on board 9 volt boost.


One of the best playing Suhr guitars I owned. This one was number five.
Easy access to higher frets (scalloped) neck heel.
Stayed in tune no matter how bad it was abuse. Came set-up super well.


This is how a Super STrat should sound, feel and be made. It sounded great for high gain stuff through my usual suspects of amps (Mesa T-verb, VHT D-60, Soldano Avenger, old Marshalls and Fenders).
But it also sounded like a good old Strat with the single coils. Which is not all that common when you have a Floyd style bridge. What helped there was that I installed a Tremol-No which makes the guitar sound like a vintage bridge equipped Start.
The coolest part was the Alembic Strato-blaster copy boost that was installed. With a vintage amp with the boost on you got lovely crunch, with a crunchy amp with it o it was just searing.

Also worth mentioning is the passive mid control, basically a scoop control. Which unlike most folks would assume was not for gain but for clean stuff. Middle single coil with it rolled down is the hippest Funk tone I've come across. Neck and middle pick-up together with it engaged was almost like an acoustic guitar. Very, very nice. All guitars should have that feature.


My favorite Suhr I've used. As a matter of fact one of the best Super Strats I played. And it didn't have the inherent Stat with hum bucker in the bridge midrange honk. Suhr did good with this!