Schecter C-1 Plus
Schecter C-1 Plus

C-1 Plus, Chitarra Corpo tipo Stratocaster from Schecter in the C series.

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dci100 21/09/2008

Schecter C-1 Plus : Recensione di dci100 (content in English)


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Here we go... the Schecter C1+ is a Korean made, Strat-style, dual humbucker guitar with a set (glued) neck and 24 frets. This particular model carries a fixed bridge in the a Tune-o-matic style. The 'buckers are wired to individual volume pots but do share a master tone knob and are Duncan Designed nut not actual Seymours (not wound at the same plant).


The only grip I have with the feel of this guitar is the finish that has been applied to the back of the neck. The guitar came draped in a beautiful black cherry stain and covered in a high gloss shine, but that was carrie dover to the neck as well. This can make the neck feel sticky and harder to slide notes or chords.
The double cutaway design lets a player's hands go from the first to the last fret with minimal obstruction and the frets are nicely dressed/crowned with no sharpe edges or dead spots.
Overall the guitar is well balanced wether sitting or standing to play. Not too heavey at either end and is comfortable for longer gigs.
The three-way pickup selector (and an overdrive pedal) can quickly dial in standard rock, blues and country. Even jazz and metal are not out of the comfort zone for this guitar if the player can adjust the firmness of his playing or stomp on a distortion box.


I have used this guitar running through various pedals (Boss OC-2 Super Octave, Electro-Harmonix HolyGrail, Crybaby Wah Wah and a Marshall Jackhammer) and into a Laney GH50L head and cab. It really shines when the distortion is engaged but is still pasable in a rock/metal style when played clean.
Strings bend easily for lead work and stay in tune well no matter how abusive I feel like playing that day.
As far as favorite sounds go, I'd stick to the distortion/overdrive side of things and let either another guitarist play the clean stuff or, if recording, switch guitrs.


I've had this guitar for several year now. It was originally purchased to be a back up to a PRS CE24 for gigs and it has never failed that role. I have on occasion played it in rehersals and again, it always playes well.
I played this guitar against a few different Srat models (sss and ssh pickup configs) as well as an Epiphone Les Paul. I ended up choosing the C1+ because it was under $500, had the dual humbucker setup, and looks really nice when shined up.
I feel that this guitar could be a main axe for anyone who is going after a rock/metal sound and while it can adapt to the clean stuff, it's definitely not as comfortable there.