Mayones Setius GTM 6
Mayones Setius GTM 6

Setius GTM 6, Chitarra Corpo tipo Stratocaster from Mayones in the Setius series.

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engage757 06/10/2011

Mayones Setius GTM 6 : Recensione di engage757 (content in English)

"Great Bolt-on. A LOT of guitar for the price."

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This is an incredible instrument. A Baritone 27 Inch scale Mayones Setius 6 GTM. Mahogany bodied with a 5-ply / Mahogany-Maple neck. 24 medium jumbo frets in a gorgeous piece of rosewood. String thru body and TOM bridge. 1 Volume/1 tone with three-way pickup selector switch. Mayones is an extremely well-made Polish guitar, it rival any superstrat-style guitar I have played.


Mayones makes a guitar geared towards shredders in my opinion. Note that I said GEARED toward. I would be perfectly comfortable in any genre of music with a Mayones. Upper register fret access is incredibly easy. The body fits very well, and the oil-finished neck does not gum up like a painted neck would. Action gets ridiculously low, and set-up from the factory is phenomenal.


All my reviews are done through the same collection of Amplifiers:

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Solo
Soldano SLO
Fender Twin Reverb
Peavey XXX
Peavey Ultra 120
Rocktron Vendetta

EMGs are typically a very sterile sounding pickup in my opinion. They are great for metal, but I highly recommend changing them if you play clean a lot or need more tonal dynamics.


Mayones never disappoints. They are incredibly consistent. Craftsmanship is simply phenomenal. If you have never tried one, you owe it to yourself. Baritone scale might not be your preference, but a 25" scale is available as well. Can't go wrong.