Jackson DKXT Dinky
Jackson DKXT Dinky

DKXT Dinky, Chitarra Corpo tipo Stratocaster from Jackson belonging to the Dinky DKXT model.

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tjon901 23/10/2011

Jackson DKXT Dinky : Recensione di tjon901 (content in English)

"Dinky from the new Jackson X series"

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This is the Dinky model from Jacksons new X series line of guitars. The X series is a new midlevel line of Jackson guitars. I think they are taking the place of the PRO series. They are above the JS series and have a lot of the same features as the USA Select guitars. All the models are neck through apart from this guitar because it is the Dinky model and that is always bolt on. This guitar is very similar to the old Pro Series DK2T. This guitar comes with a basswood body. The bolt on neck is maple with a rosewood fretboard. The fretboard is the Jackson compound radius design with 24 jumbo frets. There are non locking tuners up top but a tonepros tune-o-matic bridge and string through tailpiece which is nice. The pickups are a set of passive EMG HZ pickups. Controls are simple with a volume and tone with a 3 way blade.


This guitar doesnt have the fit and finish of a USA made Jackson but it is better than a lot of the foreign made lower end Jacksons. Because the guitar is bolt on construction it will have a heel at the neck joint unlike the higher end Jacksons that are neck through. Jackson has done their best to make sure the heel does not get in the way. They have recessed the heel and the back of the guitar. The jumbo frets let you get a nice action and the compound radius fretboard means that you can comfortably play on both ends of the neck. Unlike on the neck through Jacksons this guitars bolt on neck means you get a bare neck. Many people prefer the feel of bare wood to a finished neck. A finished neck can sometimes get sticky as you play the guitar and sweat. Because of the hardtail bridge you get rock solid tuning stability and reliability. Them putting a Tonepros bridge on this guitar shows they want to go the extra mile.


The main problem I have with this guitar is the pickups. EMG HZ pickups are not good at all and they are nothing like the fully active EMG's you find in most guitars. That is a problem with this new Jackson X series line. Some guitars come with active EMG's and some come with passive EMG's. You really have to pay attention when you are picking out one from the series. The HZ pickups are not good. They have a ton of fuzz but no body. Its like half of an active EMG. You get all the top end grind but none of the beef so they just come across sounding harsh and thin.


If this guitar came with real EMG's it would be a great hardtail shred guitar. With the passive EMG pickups the sound is insufficient. I dont know why they have passives on this guitar but other guitars in the same series come with active EMG's. IF they can put actives on some why not all. Other than this it is a good guitar. Its just begging for a pickup swap. The X series is a good idea. With all the other models being neck through they say its the cheapest neck though guitars they have ever produced. With the USA made Jacksons being so expensive these new midlevel X series guitars are a good option to people who want a good Jackson but cant rationalize spending a couple thousand dollars on a guitar.