Jackson PS4 Dinky
Jackson PS4 Dinky

PS4 Dinky, Chitarra Corpo tipo Stratocaster from Jackson in the Performer series.

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iamqman 22/12/2011

Jackson PS4 Dinky : Recensione di iamqman (content in English)

"Dinky for the Dinky"

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One of my favorite instrument companies has to be the Jackson Charvel lines. I pretty much lean more towards the Charvel instruments because I like the way the new San Dimas neck feels. However Jackson does have some great sounding and very comfortable guitars as well. One of their most popular models has to be the dinky guitar. This is one of the most iconic guitars that Jackson has built in from many hard rock and metal shredder guitarist this is a go to instrument for those needs.


Guitar made in Japan
24 Jumbo frets
3 pickups stamped "Jackson" configuration: MSM
Alder body
Bolt-on maple
Volume 1 knob
1 knob tone
A 5-way switch
Licensed Floyd Rose tremolo


This guitar sounds fantastic at most medium to high gain guitar amplifier settings. This instrument features two hum pickups which really complement the alder wood that is in the body in the neck of this instrument. Not to mention the extra pointed headstock that did Jackson guitars have give your tone a little bit more beef as well. They basically have a little bit more mass then a regular Fenders headstock which translates into a better tone and a greater sustain. So if you using this with a high gain amplifier to be very pleased at the results that you're getting.


This particular model has been discontinued but you certainly can find Jackson Dinkys all over many guitar retailers around the world. These are great sounding instruments and if you are more at the hard rock and metal guy you really can appreciate the point at stock that most of these guitars feature. It's a cool looking and a great design and overall the necks feel very comfortable to shred and play fast solos on.