Ibanez RGA42
Ibanez RGA42
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Audiofanzine FR 14/03/2009

Ibanez RGA42 : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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Value For Money : Excellent
(Originally written by starkitsh/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
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Ibanez neck...

The guitar is light and perfectly well-balanced. For the sound, it has a volume control, a toggle switch and some sort of boost switch.

It looks like an RG but the body is slimmer and rounder.


Conceived for rock and heavy metal, it sounds fat and well-defined.


I bought it the 11th of March 2009 after I saw an ad in a magazine. I loved its look and features.

I own two Ibanez guitars I'm satisfied with. I bought a third one and I'm not disappointed.

Great value for money, great looks, good active pickup that can compete with EMG models. I compared it with the Fender Jim Root and I found it better.

I use it with a POD XT Live, a H&K Attax 100 and

a Line 6 Spider Valve 212.

Although it was conceived for rock and heavy metal, modeling technology also allows you to play other music styles. The pickups sound powerful, the neck is comfortable (although it's not the best Ibanez neck) and, considering the price, I think other manufacturers made a lot of money with me.

This affordable Ibanez guitar with low-budget components is a great instrument for demanding musicians (considering the price).

This guitar is a great alternative to the plentiful and expensive heavy metal guitars.

I'll just say hats off before going back to play it.