Ibanez RGA42
Ibanez RGA42
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iamqman 31/01/2012

Ibanez RGA42 : Recensione di iamqman (content in English)

"Rock and Roll"

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Ibanez is really known in my opinion primarily for their great overdrive distortion pedals called the tube screamers. They also are quite known for their very inexpensive and budget friendly guitars as well. This is one of those guitars that really gives a budgeted musician the chance to play a good shredding metal guitar and a very low price. These guitars I would feel and a great sound for anything hard rock and metal oriented. These guitars almost always feature humbucker pickups and some sort of troubles. But the most important thing I think with these guitars are their fantastic feeling necks.


The tone on these guitars isn't really the highlight of the instrument. You don't really have a whole lot of soul or tone involved. However if you need a good shredding guitar and you need one at a very low price of this is a great instrument to own.


I really like the sound of these guitars with a good overdrive pedal in front of the Marshall amplifier or even a Mesa boogie amplifier. Pretty much anything in a high gain setting up fantastic with the Ibanez guitars. Neck profile is very comfortable and it's extremely fast so playing up and down the frets can be quite comfortable and easy. When you put a good clean setting on an amp than you will really have a hard time giving you that nice sparkle or clean sound. It won't give you a clean sound like you would get out of a Fender telecaster or a fender Stratocaster but anything was a good overdrive is the sound fantastic with this good.


These guitars can be had pretty much anywhere you find musical instruments. These guitars are very easy to find because they are low in price and so many retailers will carry the Ibanez product line. If you need something that's going to be somewhat budget friendly but really it can give you a great feeling sound this is the way to go.