Ibanez JEM7V Prestige

Ibanez JEM7V Prestige

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JEM7V Prestige, Chitarra Corpo tipo Stratocaster from Ibanez in the Steve Vai series.

6 user reviews

Ibanez JEM7V Prestige tech. sheet

  • Fabricant : Ibanez
  • Modèle : JEM7V Prestige
  • Série : Steve Vai
  • Catégorie : Chitarre Corpo tipo Stratocaster
  • Fiche créée le : 16/07/2006

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Recensioni utenti Ibanez JEM7V Prestige

Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 6 reviews )
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 3 reviews50 %
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Recensione di ericthegreat (content in English)"simply beautiful "

Ibanez JEM7V Prestige
The Ibanez Signature Series Steve Vai JEM7V is well worht the money spent. You wont be disappointed with this beauty. for sound you can do almost everything for the big sound of Metallica has the emg are preferable in any case large output level I find these pickups are pretty bold with lots of harmonics and the presence we can not say that it was via but the sound was a little something. this guitar is really superb choice I would do this without a doubt but I prefer the old models compare before buying seems reasonable.


The drive tones are great. Harmonics and overtones just leap from the guitar and it has eons of sustain and a great lead voicing that lends itself well to whatever technique you throw at it, whether it's alternate picking, sweep arpeggios, tapping, etc, it'll do it and do it well. If you are still a burgeoning player it will help you to really want to improve with its great playability and awesome lead tones.


The neck is really very good or excellent.
After several hours playing with this stick, I put it at Washburn N4 those who are also fantastic. The ergonomics are excellent, the weight too is a light guitar and well balanced.
The access is easy to acute. This gives a great sound, or rather sounds excellent with a wide range, namely that the 5 positions offer as many sounds. I will not detail everything that would be too long! Because this guitar is extremely versatile and offers such versatility that can play everything. Let me be very clear, it is indeed a signature guitar, but most do not focus on it, this guitar sounds very tender round and warm with these double, middle sounds very typical Fender Start.


Overall, I think the Ibanez Steve Fai series is a down right solid piece of equipment, they are pretty hard to find now adays though. I found some online a few months back but the price was too high for my liking. I am thinking about purchasing another one of these just to keep around the studio for anyone who wants to start jamming.
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Audiofanzine FR08/03/2009

Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)

Ibanez JEM7V Prestige
(Originally written by Marmak/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Ibanez JEM7VWH 2007 made in Japan by the J Craft team.

Very slim neck, wide rosewood fingerboard with 24 frets (scalloped fingerboard on the four last frets).

HSH DiMarzio Evolution pickups developed by Vai (the name of his favorite JEM - EVO - comes from there).

Edge Pro Gold floating tremolo.

Volume and tone controls.

Bolt-on neck


First of all, I want to stop the rumor saying that the current JEM 7V doesn't sound good because it has a rosewood fingerboard instead of an ebony one. FYI, Vai used 7-string Universe guitars with rosewood fingerboard on his Passion and Warfare album. JEM Floral and Swirl also had a rosewood fingerboard. And I don't think anyone would say they sound bad...

In short, the neck is a delight and amazingly easy to play. The very low action and the string spacing allow you to play very clean.

Excellent access to the upper frets but that's no surprise for an Ibanez. The scalloped fingerboard makes playing very easy and it makes tapping easier. Very nice!!

Is it easy to get the right sound? Silly question: of course! Although it's the guitar that sounds like the guitarist, in other words it's the musician and not the instrument that makes up the tone.

Note: I put adhesive tape on the neck pickup so that the high E string doesn't slip under the pickup. I recommend you to do the same because if it happens when you make a dive bomb you'll be very surprised. ;)


The JEM is one of the most versatile guitars. But it has a strong character too (you recognize a JEM when you hear it).

I play it with a JCM800 and a JCM900 plus an SS20 to get a Mesa sound. It's great!! A small ABY box allows me to switch between both amps and I feel like a god! Note: the JEM produces a wonderful sound with a polyphonic octaver (I use the EHX POG).

This guitar sound great for everything from thrash to funk.

The neck pickup has a very smooth sound and the bridge pickup a punchy and powerful sound. High class.


This guitar is excellent and of course I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again. It's my favorite guitar (along with my Vigier Excalibur).

But Ibanez increased its price recently and I don't know why. It's a pity and I give it a 9 because of that.
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Recensione di Hatsubai (content in English)"One of the most famous JEMs"

Ibanez JEM7V Prestige
Steve Vai has been a long time endorser of Ibanez products. In fact, I think he is the longest running endorser, but I'm not entirely sure. This guitar is probably his most iconic one as he's had it for years and years. It's gone through different changes throughout the years, but they generally have similar specs. The guitar has an alder body with a five piece maple/bubinga neck, rosewood fretboard with 24 frets, special vine inlay, unique handle carved out in it, an Ibanez Edge Pro tremolo, last few frets scalloped, HSH configuration, all access neck joint, one volume, one tone and a five way switch.


This guitar is built pretty awesome. I'm a huge fan of the Prestige lineup by Ibanez guitars. First of all, the fretwork on this is top notch. I was able to achieve sickly low action without any issues at all. The neck is a touch thicker than the normal Prestige Wizard, and that's a good or bad thing, depending on who you are. The edges on the frets also felt very nice. The inlay work was cleanly done, and there weren't any annoying fillers. The neck joint on this is to die for. It makes it crazy easy to get up to the higher frets, and the last few scalloped frets add some additional grip for bending.


Some people find this guitar a touch bright. It's true that it's bright, but I find it to be bright in a musical way. The Evo bridge pickup is crazy powerful. You can get all kinds of awesome pick squeals going on, and harmonics jump out like no tomorrow. The Evo neck is a bit bright for me, but by rolling down the tone knob a bit, I can get that fatter lead tone I usually desire. In between positions sound wonderful as always. It's almost like having a strat kind of sound.


If you're looking for a JEM, this'll probably be the number one guitar you'll be looking at. The guitar is great in every sense of the way, and if you buy used, you'll save tons of money. I highly recommend looking into these, especially if you're not a huge fan of the standard basswood that Ibanez likes to utilize in most of their guitars.
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Audiofanzine FR05/12/2008

Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)

Ibanez JEM7V Prestige
(Originally written by Endrix/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Guitar made in Japan by the J Craft team. My model has a scalloped rosewood fingerboard and was made this year.

The guitar has an Ibanez Pro Edge tremolo under Floyd Rose license and Di Marzio Evolution pickups (two humbuckers and one single coil).

Tone and volume controls.

Typical Ibanez neck: very flat and slim, similar to the RG models.

I also owned one of the first models with ebony fingerboard and I can't notice any difference compared to the current versions with rosewood fingerboard.


For me the neck is the most important part of the guitar and that's the reason I decided to play a Jem (among other things). I find this neck is great. It's fast and comfortable, but it's not the best neck I know (I also play a Charvel).

Access to the upper frets is easy thanks to the great neck/body junction.

The guitar is light and I love that.

The sound is even better because the guitar is extremely versatile in spite of its heavy metal look.

The neck humbucker allows you to play everything from pop to rock and ballads or even jazz licks.

The middle position provides typical Strat sounds.

And of course the bridge humbucker produces a killer sound for heavy metal.

This guitar is extremely versatile. I don't know any other modern Strat that provides such a wide sound palette.


I already wrote above about the sound. I only want to repeat it's an ultra versatile instrument. I play it with all my amps and I always get very good results.

The clean sound is good with both tube and solid-state amps. The guitar always sounds good.

On the contrary, the bridge pickup gives much better results with tube amps... but that's always the case with every guitar!

To keep it short, this Jem offers every possible sound! I also own a Gibson Les Paul but I don't take it out of its case anymore because the Jem offers me a typical Gibson sound with my Mesa Mark IV amp and I like its neck a lot more. It's the same thing regarding clean sound: the middle pickup sounds very good and once again it's more comfortable to play the Jem than a Strat. Its typical Ibanez neck makes it easy to play any music style with any technique.

I only moderate my opinion because I have a new purchase, a Charvel SoCal and in spite of its great value, the Ibanez doesn't have the magic of the Charvel.


I've been playing a Jem for 14 years (counting my first Jem)!

I like almost everything about this guitar!!

The only thing I don't like that much is the Pro Edge tremolo. Considering the technical aspect, it's a fantastic tremolo that gives you more possibilities than an original Floyd Rose but I find the Vigier tremolo with ball bearing has a longer life. So I put this guitar on the same level as another wonderful instrument, the Vigier Excalibur Custom.

I like this guitar a lot because it's the only one that gives me the sounds I love. If you want to play Vai stuff you have to own this guitar.

The value for money is average because even though a Jem is less expensive than a Vigier, and many other lesser guitars, it's still quite expensive because it's a signature model.

I would choose it again but there are new instruments hitting the market and I sold my Washburn N4 (awful look and average sound) to buy a real Charvel US, which is an amazing guitar! The advantage of the Charvel is that you buy a guitar and nothing else (no signature, no deluxe case, no nothing just the guitar). But the Jem still has its own sound.


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