Fender Classic '50s Stratocaster
Fender Classic '50s Stratocaster

Classic '50s Stratocaster, Chitarra Corpo tipo Stratocaster from Fender belonging to the Classic '50s Stratocaster model.

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badgerific 15/04/2011

Fender Classic '50s Stratocaster : Recensione di badgerific (content in English)


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This is a Mexican made Stratocaster from Fender with the following specs:

- Alder body

- Maple neck (gloss finished)

- Maple fretboard

- Twenty one vintage style frets

- Three vintage style single coil pickups

- Controls: Volume, Neck Tone, Middle Tone and five way pickup selector

- Vintage style tremolo arm


I find this guitar quite nice to play although it's not amazing for my taste. I find the neck slightly too thick for my liking, it works great for open chords but my hand aches from playing barre chords after a while. The gloss finnish on the neck was surprisingly not sticky to play which I have found to be a problem on some other guitars but it's been well played before I ever laid my hands on it so that may be why.

I'm not a huge fan of Stratocaster wiring as lack of bridge tone control seems stupid to me but regardless its easy to get a good range of quality sounds out of this guitar.


This guitar does sound really good, in most positions. The tone of the neck pick up when using a fuzz pedal is great. The combination of Marshall JCM900 Mkiii, Big Muff and this guitar make an amazing thick tone close to that of Siamese Dream by The Smashing Pumpkins.

One thing I dislike about this guitar is the lack of tone control for the bridge pickup as sometimes it can be quite harsh in the bridge position.


I really like the sound of this guitar but the neck is too thick for my liking so it wouldn't be a guitar that I would buy myself. I really love the finishes that this guitar come in, but the aged white knobs on it make it look cheap to me.

I'd recommend giving it a go if you like the look of it as I know lots of people will like the feel of this guitar.