Fender American Standard Stratocaster HSS [2008-2012]
Fender American Standard Stratocaster HSS [2008-2012]

American Standard Stratocaster HSS [2008-2012], Chitarra Corpo tipo Stratocaster from Fender in the American Standard Stratocaster series.

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denied 01/08/2011

Fender American Standard Stratocaster HSS [2008-2012] : Recensione di denied (content in English)

"The Basic American Strat"

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- Alder Body
- Maple Neck
- Rosewood Fretboard
- HSS pickup configuration
- 5 way switch
- C shaped neck
- Copper infused steel bridge block
- 2 point trem
- 22 frets
- USA made


One of the most popular guitars made today, I’d say the American standard is pretty usable. Comfortable thin spacing between the strings, 22 frets, HSS pickups, and nice flowing sustain. Definitely a reliable guitar that will last a while. The issue I have with these, is that I haven’t found them to be THAT much more playable than the Mexican versions, despite the significant up charge. The material quality and build s definitely significantly superior, but in terms of sheer playability, they standard series can be a little underwhelming.


They sound pretty great. Classic Strat tones, nots of bass on the neck pickup, and a warm liquid mids on positions 2 and 4. I really dig the HSS configuration, makes it just that much more versatile than the all single coil layout. Having a humbucker involved brings in a little more grit and attitude. 5 way switch gives you room for just about any pickup combination you could ask for, so you’ve got quite a bit of versatility tonewise. The single coils can be a little noisy, you might want to consider an upgrade at some point.


A basic American Strat. Not a whole lot of fancy features, just a well built guitar with quality components. It isn’t the best guitar on the market, and a little overpriced in my book, but definitely a solid choice. This is a definitely a players guitar, and America built is important to you, go for it. Personally I would talk a look at MIJ strats as they are quite a bit more affordable at a competitive quality. Some of the older ones are just fantastic, and a great affordable alternative until you can afford a deluxe or custom shop Strat. G&L guitars are also an alternative worth looking into.