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nickname009 27/08/2011

Carvin DC127 : Recensione di nickname009 (content in English)


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Made in USA DC 127
In a dark blue. Alder body, ebony fretboard 24 fret MOP inlays. Gold hardware. Duncan JB pickup set. Hardtail. 1 vol, 1 tone and a 3 way switch. Also schaller locking tuners. neck through construction.

Great guitar, very well made from finish to setup!

The neck is a great neck, very thin and flat. Not super thin however, not like a ibanez wizard, but it has it's own thing going on and may or may not need some time getting used to. It's generally very flat and very wide.


It's your basic super strat, very simple and even simple looking too shape-wise. No frills. Just plug in and play type. The neck is amazingly comfortable especially to reach up to the higher frets, it feels smooth and comfortable goin up with no problems whatsoever.

The design of the guitar as previously said is like a super strat, so it has the proper contours on the back and the forearm to be comfortable to play for long periods of time.

I bought this guitar used and so it came with duncan pickups which are trustworthy and almost always have a reliable sound.

The locking tuners are easy to use too, requires less turns and thus helps you string up faster! And would help stay in tune if you had a trem, but this one doesn't, it's more just a piece of mind thing and also to string up faster.


This one had duncan JBs which I am very familiar with and sound great with this guitar. The DC127 to me has always seemed to be like a shred guitar, and the JB pickups are perfect for that.

I did eventually change this to EMGs for kicks and it also sounded great!

You can't really go wrong with a guitar with these specs as it's basically the same as most strat-like guitars out there and will always sound great given the right circumstances. Even the carvin pickups apparently sound really good and are also hella tweakable as i've seen each of the pole pieces are adjustable to adjust for each string. A little bit overboard in my opinion, but the option's there for the tweaker!


Great guitar for the money to buy used. I don't really know why their used value is so low compared to the new prices but the guitar itself is amazingly well built. Everything is quality parts and their guitars are solid. I guess maybe there are just so many strat/super strat guitar companies out there and this one just didn't seem to take off completely.

But if you're looking for a super strat, a simple type with good quality parts, good pickups and a great neck and aren't necessarily brand conscience. Look at Carvins!!