Caparison Horus
Caparison Horus

Horus, Chitarra Corpo tipo Stratocaster from Caparison in the Horus series.

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Hatsubai 17/03/2011

Caparison Horus : Recensione di Hatsubai (content in English)

"LP style sound with a superstrat feel"

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The Horus was one of the original guitars that Caparison built when they first started in 1995. When Itaru worked for Jackson, he made Chachamaru a guitar called the Falcon. This is the evolution of that model. It features a mahogany body, maple neck and rosewood fretboard. The Horus actually has 27 frets, which is unusual for most guitars. To switch between the neck and bridge pickup, it actually utilizes a push-push switch. This ingenious method helps keep the guitar looking clean and allows for a tiny route in the body to maximize tone.


The compound radius neck allows for some super sick low action and a great feel during chording. The neck itself is a medium sized D shape neck that fills the hand just right. The 24.75'' scale gives it a real Les Paul style feel and slinkiness. However, there are two problems with the Horus -- the push-push switch can be a bit flaky at times, and the fret access past the 24th fret is somewhat hard to get to, even with the sculpted neck heel and extended lower horn cutaway.


This guitar sounds absolutely phenomenal. The FD finish paired with the mahogany body allows for some sick low mids. The rosewood fretboard also keeps things nice and round sounding. The stock pickups are fairly weak, but I replaced them with the Hot Rails and Distortion. The Custom is usually my go-to pickup, but the Distortion just sounds perfect in this guitar. It cuts through without sounding overly harsh or thin.


I like this guitar so much that it became my #1. If I had to choose just one guitar out of my entire guitar collection, this would be it. The 24.75'' scale length took a little bit of getting used to at the higher register, but it's nothing a few minutes of playing can't fix. I highly recommend them for anybody who wants a different take on a familiar feel.