Gibson SG Gothic Morte - Satin Ebony
Gibson SG Gothic Morte - Satin Ebony

SG Gothic Morte - Satin Ebony, Chitarra Corpo tipo SG from Gibson in the SG series.

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iamqman 08/11/2011

Gibson SG Gothic Morte - Satin Ebony : Recensione di iamqman (content in English)

"Enjoy the Silence"

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Gibson is a leading guitar builder for the hard rock and metal movements. These guitars sounds fantastic and pretty much any setting you have to man but really excel in the high again and extremely overdriven guitar tones. You have two humbucker pick ups as well as mahogany wood in the body and in the neck. This gives it a very thick to meet tone compared to a Fender Stratocaster guitar which generally is a little bit brighter in tone because of the body woods that are used. This is a very simple design yet ineffective guitar for most music and recording.


Gibson SG Gothic Morte Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

* Finish: Satin Ebony nitrocellulose
* Body: Mahogany
* Neck: Mahogany with SG rounded profile
* Neck fit: Mortise and tenon
* Fingerboard: 12" radius African obeche
* Frets: 22
* Nut: 1.695" black Corian
* Headstock logo: Gold "Gibson" logo
* Truss rod cover: Antique bell
* Tuners: Black Grover 14:1
* Bridge: Tune-O-Matic
* Tailpiece: Stop Bar
* Hardware finish: Black Nickel
* Knobs: Black Top Hats
* Control plate cover: Black
* Strap buttons: Black aluminum
* Strings: .010-.046, Gibson strings
* Pickups: "GEM" Gibson active with enamel magnets
* Controls: 2 Volume (300k linear), 2 Tone (500k non-linear)
* Toggle: 3-way Switchcraft with black plastic tip
* Case: Gibson gig bag included


Gibson SG sounds fantastic when you couple it with a good high gain amplifier such as a Mesa boogie or Marshall amplifier. What do you get your distortion tones from the tubes at the amp or from the pedal that you're using this guitar will sound great in any setting. I like these guitars with the Marshall amplifier and a little bit of delay or chorus modulation sounds. You're really focused the biting tone that is very good for kicking and recording. I've used a Gibson Les Paul and many recordings but I've actually used to Gibson SG even more. It just hasn't right perfect frequency for recording and it's mid range to low wind tone captures very well and recording session.


I highly recommend these guitars for anyone looking for a great recording instrument. They sound fantastic and almost the perfect frequency for recording with. You can find guitars and most retail shops anywhere you find any Gibson products. This instrument is very well designed and feels very comfortable as well. If you used to Gibson guitar in the neck is going to be very comfortable for you if you're used to a Fender guitar than the neck is going to be a little bit more chunky. Overall integrative Sherman and extremely versatile instrument to boot.