LTD EC-500 - Black
LTD EC-500 - Black

EC-500 - Black, Chitarra Corpo tipo Les Paul from LTD belonging to the EC-500 model.

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Audiofanzine FR 14/12/2008

LTD EC-500 - Black : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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Value For Money : Excellent
(Originally written by eferalgant/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
See below!


Very slim neck and short scale (compared to my LTD F-400FM). I immediately felt comfortable with its very pleasant neck!

The guitar's weight is ok. I expected a heavier guitar considering its Les Paul shape so it was a nice surprise! The back is ergonomically shaped so it's also very comfortable to play it sitting!

The only design problem is the toggle switch position which can be annoying when you make a fast slide on stage.


I play heavy metal in a black/indus band so I mainly use it for fat distortion sounds (my amp is a Hugues & Kettner Triamp):

I'm very satisfied with its sound: I finally have sharp attacks, a big, full and precise sound, a good definition for arpeggios and thick palm mutes. In short, it gives my everything I didn't get from my LTD F-400! The sustain is also very long! You'll probably need a noise gate!

I must also say that I use a low tuning (C sharp).

I have also played this guitar with other bands and it also sounds good in clean mode. Compared to it my Ibanez S-Series Prestige sounds quite flat and lifeless. The EMG pickups provide huge dynamics that I don't get with the Ibanez passive pickups.


I've been using it for 2 weeks. The first week I used a standard string set and a standard tuning and I found the guitar was only ok. After that, I tuned it to C sharp and I replaced the strings with the ones I usually use and the guitar seduced me (for metal of course). I've only played it once during rehearsals but my bandmates already said that they do feel a difference with respect to my LTD F-400! (BTW, I don't recommend the F except for its look).

The value for money is excellent especially because I found it on sale on the web. I tested several other guitars these past months and I find this one better than more expensive guitars. That's the reason I give it a 10, but I'd still like to test an ESP Eclipse for the sake of comparison.