Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008
Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008

Les Paul Standard 2008, Chitarra Corpo tipo Les Paul from Gibson belonging to the Les Paul Standard 2008 Model model.

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iamqman 29/09/2011

Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008 : Recensione di iamqman (content in English)

"Anything but standard"

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Gibson Les Paul is a fun and extremely versatile guitar. With its rich and deep mahogany wood body and neck this gives this guitar such a great tonal structure when playing with any high gain, hard rock, metal setting. This is the guitar you want to grab when you're playing a solid rock show gig or you need some kind of guitar tone that will be able to a bring a great thick warm tone. This is the guitar that will be that for you. Unlike Fender guitar such as a Fender Stratocaster or a fender telecaster this is a much more warmer guitar and a much more thicker sounding overall voicing. This is a kind of guitar that is somewhat expensive but if you can afford it it's a great sounding musical instrument


This guitar features to volume control knobs and two tone control knobs as well as two humbucker pickups. You also get a pick up select that will give you each individual pick up and the position between each of the two pick ups so you have a total of three different sounds. This is a great guitar for hard rock and metal all way to pop country type tones. This is also great guitar that can be in a drop tuning setting up for the new modern metal players.


The tone of this guitar is pretty stellar and it's sound and its fills the air. These are the kind guitars and many hard rock and metal players would use in combination with the Mesa boogie amplifiers as well as Marshall amplifiers. With a Marshall amplifier it is a match made in heaven. It has a great balance and really compliments each piece of gear on its own. The humbuckers in the Gibson Les Paul are not my favorite and I generally would switch those out if I were you for something much more musical than what they offer in the stock guitar.


At new these guitars come in right around $2600 which is a pretty expensive for most people's budgets. This is a professional guitar and certainly not a beginners guitar for someone trying to learn how to play the electric guitar. This is pretty high-priced but then again this is a very well-built and extremely amazing sounding guitar. I highly recommend this guitar to anyone is looking for good rock 'n roll guitar that will be a benefit in the recording studio as well as anyone gigging actively.