Gibson Fireburst
Gibson Fireburst
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Hatsubai 10/08/2011

Gibson Fireburst : Recensione di Hatsubai (content in English)

"LP that rocks"

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The Fireburst is a special finish on a Gibson that some people really like. This is basically the same as a regular Gibson Les Paul, and it sounds just like a normal Les Paul. In fact, I believe they offered this as a Standard at some point. The guitar features a mahogany body with a maple top, mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard, 22 frets, trapezoid inlays, pickguard, binding, hard tail bridge, two humbuckers, two volumes, two tones and a three way switch.


The guitar was put together fairly nicely. There were no issues with the nut. The best way to tell is to simply play it. If you keep noticing you're going out of tune and it "pings" when you tune, that means the nut is cut improperly. The fretwork was also pretty good on this. I was able to achieve relatively low action without any real issues. The binding work looked nice, and the hardware didn't have any tarnish on it. Getting up to the higher frets is a pain, but I find that the only guitar that solves this problem is the new Axcess series. I'm starting to slowly become a fan of the 12'' radius, but I still generally prefer something a bit flatter.


This guitar was killer, but it had aftermarket pickups installed in it. The guitar had a JB and a Jazz installed. The JB in the bridge is awesome for everything from blues to metal. It can really do every genre, it's that versatile. The mahogany body helps keep the JB sounding fat, and the bass on it is perfect enough to where it's not super tight to where it sounds sterile but it's also not super loose to where it sounds flabby. The Jazz in the neck is like a cleaner, more polite 59. It has a bit more treble and sounds a bit more linear, but it delivers some awesome clean and lead tones. I find that it's a bit clearer sounding than the 59.


Look for these used. They're already a good deal when buying new, but if you buy used, you'll save a ton of money. The stock pickups in these are a bit love/hate, and I'm not really a fan. The guitar came with aftermarket pickups in it, and I'd recommend spending the money you saved on some better pickups. It'll probably be more versatile in the long run, too.