Gibson Fireburst
Gibson Fireburst
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iamqman 18/08/2011

Gibson Fireburst : Recensione di iamqman (content in English)

"A league of its own"

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The Gibson Les Paul is one of the best hard rock and overall just rock 'n roll guitars period. They have such a good great fit tone that is singing and sustaining that is just flat out phenomenal. These are the kind of guitar that everyone who has ever played a Gibson Les Paul just dreams about. This is a beautiful mahogany wood with a mahogany neck rosewood fretboard beautiful pearl block inlays on the fretboard. This is one of those guitars that just feels right from top to bottom.


The Gibson Les Paul is probably the most used hard rock guitar in the world. It may be due to the fact that they are extremely well balanced with their sick mahogany wood and humbucker pickups. Just something about these guitars just gives a great rock 'n roll tone with a high gain amplifier.

This guitar features two volume control knobs for the neck pickup and the bridge pickup levels. You also have a tone control knob for each pickups and finally a pickup selector switch. As far as features that is about ti.


The top of this guitar is a beautiful fingered maple top or you could say flame maple top. It balances out the deep rich mahogany wood with some nice highs in the frequency spectrum. It levels out of the warm tones at the mahogany and brings in the necessary high-frequencies. This is also a crate recording guitar as well. These are the guitars that you would reach for when you are laying down sick guitar tones for rhythm and for lead.

I personally like playing Gibson Les Paul's with any high gain amplifier. Whether that be a Mesa boogie or in Marshall amplifier or a Diezel amp, these guitars just sounds phenomenal when you got a hike cranking overdrive amp. Use this in conjunction with whatever affects you have such as delays chorus flange or reverb and you will get some fantastic sounding guitar tones.


These guitars come in new ride around $2400 which is a bit of a chunk of change for someone who is on a budget. This guitar is marketed for the professional musician in mind. It is also marketed to someone he knows exactly the sound that they have in their head and what they're looking for. I recommend this guitar to anyone who wants to get one of the best sounding guitar tones that exist. This is a great guitar for digging and recording. This is not going to be a showroom piece custom guitar but eight players guitar.