Dean Guitars Soltero
Dean Guitars Soltero

Soltero, Chitarra Corpo tipo Les Paul from Dean Guitars.

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ejecta 18/03/2011

Dean Guitars Soltero : Recensione di ejecta (content in English)

"I really like these guitars!"

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My guitar of choice is typically a strat style guitar. I do like other styles of guitars for their tones and I was needing Les Paul style guitar for getting a tone only those style guitars get. Anyway after looking around and asking some friends for advice I was lead to check out the Dean Soltero. This Soltero line was the Korean mad line. Since this would be a secondary guitar I didn't want to drop a big chunk of change and chose the “Scary Cherry” color. It's your typical Les Paul configuration with two humbuckers with two tone knobs and two volumes with a three way switch. The frets were finished off very well with none of them having any over hang. The string alignment was very good and to my surprise the maple top wasn’t a veneer thin layer over cheaper wood it was a solid cap and it was actually decently striped for an import.


I loved the feel of the neck and it played like a good Les Paul.


After changing out the pick ups, pots, jack and doing a set up this thing was a very nice sounding guitar. I play mainly rock and like more classic sounding amps. This guitar sounds good through all the amps I've tried it with. It even sounds good with my main tone generator right which is an AxeFX.


The only negatives I could say is I wasn’t into the pick-ups but given the price of the guitar it was no biggie to spend more to put in the pickups of my choice and I replaced the mini pots for full size 500k pots. I now own three of these and have gotten away from playing strats so that should. let you know how much I dig these guitars