Agile AL-3000M Thru Black Wide
Agile AL-3000M Thru Black Wide

AL-3000M Thru Black Wide, Chitarra Corpo tipo Les Paul from Agile.

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tjon901 24/06/2011

Agile AL-3000M Thru Black Wide : Recensione di tjon901 (content in English)

"Neck through Les Paul"

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The Agile AL-3000M is a Korean-made solid mahogany LP shaped guitar. It includes a maple-top with a triple bound body,and headstock with binding on the neck. The neck is 5 pieces of maple and walnut with an ebony fretboard. The fretboard has distinctive Abalone inlays. AL-3000 has 22 jumbo frets but they do not seem to be that large. It comes with two Alnico V humbucking pickups which provide a warm traditional tone. I would say they are medium output. The controls are standard LP fare with two volume and two tone controls. The construction has a good solid feel to it. What makes this guitar special is that is has neck through construction.


What makes this model special is that it has neck through construction. Neck through construction is pretty rare on guitars and even rarer on Les Paul style guitars. On typical Les Paul style guitars the neck is set into the body and glued in place. With this guitar and its neck through construction. The pieces of wood that make up the neck travel through the lenght of the body and the rest of the body is glued onto the neck. This construction is neck centric as opposed to bolt on or set neck construction where everything is attached to the body. This means this guitar has better upper fret access. Since the neck is not connected to the body at the normal point there is no large neck joint heel to get in the way of you playing on the higher frets. Also this construction means the guitar is stronger overall due to there not being any weak point where the neck joins to the body.


Because of the neck through construction the tone of the guitar is a little different that that of a normal Les Paul. Neck through guitars provide a slightly brighter tone than other guitars due to the pickups and bridge and everything being on the same piece of wood as the neck. The pickups the guitar comes with are pretty average for a guitar of this price. It provides a classic sound through a Marshall. With the pickups it can become muddy at high gain. With the stock pickups it is best suited for a medium gain classic rock tone. If you are looking for a warm/thick sound this is what you are looking for. There is no single-coil twang to be found here. If you are looking to wake the guitar up a set of classic Seymour Duncans will help you get more of a classic sound.


Go try and ask Gibson for a neck through Les Paul and see what happens. They will either tell you to go away or charge you 10k for it. It is amazing that a little company like Agile can make this guitar with this construction and an ebony fretboard and less it less than a high end Epiphone. A Gibson that costs as much as this guitar wont have any ebony fretboard and no Les Paul to my knowledge came with neck through construction. Its pretty sad that the big companies can get away with not improving their designs for so long. There are so many better things that could be on guitars standard if people just allowed things to improve. Cars today are a lot better overall than cars 40 years ago why shouldnt guitars be better.