Jackson USA WR1 Warrior
Jackson USA WR1 Warrior

USA WR1 Warrior, chitarra Corpo tipo Flying V /Explorer/Firebird from Jackson belonging to the USA WR1 Warrior model.

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tjon901 15/06/2011

Jackson USA WR1 Warrior : Recensione di tjon901 (content in English)

"Radical Jackson"

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The Warrior is one of the most radical production guitars Jackson has made. It shape kind of reminds me of a B.C. Rich Stealth but more metal. This shape is a lot more comfortable than it looks because it provides perfect balance. The WR1 under its shape is just a basic Jackson like an SL2 or something. It has many of the same features that all the other USA Jacksons have. It has an alder body with a maple neck through design. It has a 24 fret ebony fretboard with Jacksons Compound radius. It has an Original Floyd Rose locking tremolo system so it will stay in tune no matter what. It comes with Seymour Duncan pickups from the factory. It comes with a Duncan Invader in the bridge and a Full Shred in the neck. Just from the names you can tell that these are heavy metal pickups. It has a master volume and master tone knob and a 3 way pickup selector.


When you play this guitar you forget how crazy it looks. The guitar is really comfortable. The crazy shape gives the guitar perfect balance. The neck-through design is a feature I love and wish more guitar makers would use. The wood for the neck goes all the way through the body and the top and bottom of the body are glued to the side of the neck piece. With this construction there is virtually no neck joint which makes playing up at even the highest frets as easy as playing at the middle of the neck. Not only does this construction let you not have a bulky neck joint it also increases sustain as the pickups are mounted directly to the same piece of wood as the neck. The compound radius makes playing all over the neck comfortable and the ebony fretboard feels good under your fingers. The original Floyd Rose is the original double locking tremolo system and its still the best. When properly setup this system will never go out of tune.


The Invader is a beast in the bridge position. It has huge magnets and offers up tons of output. On its own the Invader can sound kind of muddy but with the alder body and neck through construction on the WR1 it balances out the tone nicely. The Full Shred is a nice neck pickup. It is designed for lead playing in the neck position. It cuts enough for your shred solos but it still fat enough to not sound to weak and thin.


If normal Jacksons are too boring for you maybe you should check out this guitar. Even with the crazy shape the guitar is still very comfortable. It has all the Jackson playability you expect from a USA made Jackson guitar. If you want a great guitar that is made in America with the highest quality parts this guitar is a good choice. The playability and sound is excellent and they will hold their value well. Now many extreme guitars are still made in America