Gibson Firebird V - Vintage Sunburst
Gibson Firebird V - Vintage Sunburst

Firebird V - Vintage Sunburst, chitarra Corpo tipo Flying V /Explorer/Firebird from Gibson belonging to the Firebird V model.

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King Loudness 05/09/2011

Gibson Firebird V - Vintage Sunburst : Recensione di King Loudness (content in English)

"Really cool Gibson"

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The Gibson Firebird was a guitar that was designed by the company in the early sixties to compete with the flashier Fenders of the time. Gibson was losing sales with the Les Paul, and the Flying V and Explorer of the late fifties didn't fair so well, so Gibson opted to bring in famed auto designer Ray Dietrich to design a line of guitars to be named the Firebird. This particular guitar was in the top part of the line and this reissue features the following specs. It has a mahogany neckthrough design that goes through the whole guitar. There are mahogany wings on either side of the center block to give the guitar its really unique swerving contours. The fretboard is rosewood and has 22 frets and trapazoid inlays. The tuners are the same models that are used on Steinberger guitars, which is a cool and unique touch. It features a typical tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece and the pickups are a pair of Gibson mini humbuckers wired to a typical Les Paul/SG style control layout. Like all Gibson guitars it's built proudly in the USA.


The Firebird V is definitely one of Gibson's more ergonomic guitars overall. Though it's a little bit on the bigger side size wise, it definitely sits on the body well and the weight is lighter than say, a Les Paul. It's definitely got a cool feel to it that reminds me of a shrunken Explorer meets SG. The upper fret access is excellent overall too.

Getting a good tone out of this guitar is pretty simple. It's laid out like a Gibson and the tones are that familiar mahogany sensation but with a certain spunkiness that reminds me of a Fender type instrument too. Very cool.


The Firebird has a really cool and diverse set of tones that are a great blend of classic thick Gibson textures mixed with the bright and jangly Fender textures. The mini humbuckers have a really cool and unique set of tones that don't have the low end heft of humbuckers. The cleaner tones are great for funk and country type textures (IE: more of a Fender territory) but with that classic Gibson low end lurking in the background. The drive tones are pretty cool as well. The pickups have an open and airy quality with overdrive that works perfectly for classic rock rhythms or some sustained lead tones. It doesn't quite have the tightness factor for things like modern metal, but for a more vintage looser voice it's definitely got that vibe down pat.


All in all I think the Gibson Firebird V is a really interesting and cool option for someone who wants a Gibson that has a unique and cool look to it and does a bit more of the jangly thing that Fenders specialize in. At about $1,475 new they are decently priced for what you get, and they're available in a few different colours too, which is nice.