ESP SV - White
ESP SV - White

SV - White, chitarra Corpo tipo Flying V /Explorer/Firebird from ESP belonging to the SV model.

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Audiofanzine FR 10/03/2009

ESP SV - White : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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(Originally written by bryanlooser/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

Made in Japan.

24 frets

3-piece maple body-through neck with slim C profile

Ebony fretboard

Alder body

Original Floyd Rose tremolo

Gotoh machine heads

Volume control

3-way toggle switch

Two EMG81 pickups

Typical ESP high-class electronics and parts


Playability: All V-shaped guitars are difficult to play sitting down. But you'll quickly get used to it. I like playing it sitting down because it forces me to sit up straight so I don't get backaches after playing for hours! However it's more comfortable to play it standing because it's very well balanced and light. But it's heavy enough to produce a good sound with long sustain. The shape is very ergonomic and it adds to the playing comfort.

Rather easy access to the upper frets if you don't have small hands... but you'll get used to it, and the neck is amazing. It's slim enough to allow fast playing but thick enough for easy chord playing. It's the ideal compromise and your hand will find the right position very naturally. The original Floyd Rose tremolo is a great feature: everyone knows it and I won't praise it more. Its factory adjustment is good and very reliable. The lack of a tone control is not a problem and you'll immediately find a good sound. If you buy this guitar, I think you know exactly what you'll use it for!


I play rock and heavy metal so this guitar is perfect for my music style. The EMG81 pickups have their own personality and sound different from passive pickups. They sound very accurate and are great distorted. I have several tube amps: a Peavey Valveking and a small Ibanez Valbee. I also tested the guitar with a Rect-o-verb. The guitar sounds full and powerful with a long sustain in spite of the Floyd Rose. The neck pickup has more sustain and, depending on the volume control setting, you can get a natural compression. I like it very much. The clean sound can also be good and crystal-clear with adequate EQ settings on the amp, and if you turn down the guitar's volume control. In crunch mode the guitar is excellent and provides biting highs (with the bridge pickup) or a round sound (with the neck pickup). Don't try to get a jazz sound out of it because this guitar is simply not made for that I give it a 9 because sound is a matter of taste and perhaps you won't find it very versatile. But don't hesitate to change the settings of your amp, especially with active pickups!


I've been using it for over one year. I'm very satisfied it's a very good guitar and it looks beautiful. I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again especially for its neck and manufacturing quality. I previously played an Ibanez Prestige and a RR5 and I find this neck feels better than ultra slim ones... This guitar fulfills all my needs. However, I must repeat it: access to the upper frets is not easy and you'll have to practice a bit, unless you have very long hands. That's the main disadvantage of this guitar. Don't buy this guitar if you don't like the EMG sound. But in my opinion that sound is an additional asset of the guitar. As a summary, it's a very good instrument and I recommend it.