Taylor XXXV-TF
Taylor XXXV-TF
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Taylormade 11/01/2014

Taylor XXXV-TF : Recensione di Taylormade (content in English)

"No faults only joyousness"

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I purchased this guitar new from a local dealer after looking at it for several years (KOA is my favorite) and previously purchasing several Taylors (my favorite). I played it often and studied it very closely. After saving the purchase price and finding I could not find a better investment for my retirement I made the leap. I have had this guitar for several years. I can find no flaws with it. I keep it in my humidity controlled music room. I hope to play this guitar (gingerly) for several more years before selling it (if ever). I can find absolutely no faults in craftsmanship, tonally, or well, anything.