zager Guitars Reviews
zager Guitars Reviews

Guitars Reviews, Chitarra Acustica Dreadnought from zager.

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AJZBP 25/10/2012

zager Guitars Reviews : Recensione di AJZBP (content in English)

"Zager Guitars Reviews"

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Fishman Clearwave electronics package, standard dreadnought body, Grover tuners, Cedar top, Rosewood back and sides, abalone inlay


Venetian cutaway design lets you get the low frets. Mellow beautiful sound through amp. Stable guitar, well made.


Mellow, deep sound. Resonates clear and loud.


I mostly enjoy the sound and action on this guitar. It is very easy to fret with no string buzz, and the sound is comparable to guitars priced higher. It's very well designed for beginners on up. Love this instrument. Will buy another soon. They have pros on the site shown using them in the studio so that's good to see.