Zildjian A Quick Beat HiHat 14
Zildjian A Quick Beat HiHat 14"

A Quick Beat HiHat 14", Charleston from Zildjian in the A Quick Beat series.

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BGugino 30/07/2008

Zildjian A Quick Beat HiHat 14" : Recensione di BGugino (content in English)


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I am currently using the Zildjian A series Quick-beat Hi-Hats and I love them. I got them on sale from another website, but if I had to make the decision to get them again at full price, it would be no question. These cymbals have mostly good characteristics and not too many downsides to them, but I’ll give it a try.

I first bought these hi-hats for the soul purpose of that I was upgrading. I saw them on sale on another website, so I decided to pick them up. The day they got here, I went and tossed them on my stand. The very first thing that I noticed about them was the look. I was able to get them in traditional finish or brilliant. I ended up choosing the brilliant and being very satisfied with the way they look. So once I started playing them, I noticed that I was getting a very “crisp” sound out of them, which was the sound I was looking for. They’re very quick, crisp and fast. But if you’re looking for a more “washy” sound, I would keep looking. These hi hats have a great foot sound to them too. Not too overpowering so that you’re going to hear them too much from the outside, but just enough so that you’ll hear your foot bouncing.

There are very few downsides to these, but one would definitely be the closed sound. When you’re playing these hats closed they don’t really produce the best closed sound. I was looking for a little bit more attack and definition out of them, but even when they’re closed, the sound somehow comes across as a little “soft”. It’s probably because of the fact that they’ve got the venting holes in the bottom, so the sound travels directly out of them.

Overall, I would recommend these hi hats to anybody that want to upgrade. There are high-end cymbals and you’ll be nothing but pleased.