API Audio 550A
API Audio 550A

550A, Channel Strip from API Audio.

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ericthegreat 12/12/2011

API Audio 550A : Recensione di ericthegreat (content in English)

"good as it gets"

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The API Audio 550A is a very modern looking channel strip consisting of mic preamplifier, an equalizer, and a compressor.  The unit has both a solid state and tube make up, and you have the option of choosing one or the other.  It has a 1/4 inch input in the front for your instrument and XLR connections in the back.  This is indeed rack mountable and it will take up take rack spaces.


The configuration of the API Audio 550A Everest may look a bit convoluted upon a first look, but everything is split up into sections and once you analyze it a bit I think that you will find it is easy to use.  The mic pre section has a knob for gain and switches for a -20 db pad, polarity, phantom power, a high pass filter, and for choosing either tube or solid state.  Next you've got the compressor section which has the basic parameters often seen on compressors for gain, threshold, attack, and release.  You've also got a choose for mode between tight and classic. 


The sound of the API Audio 550A is just about as good as it gets for a versatile channel strip like this one.  It is suitable for use with just about any instrument or voice, as I find it has enough options to cater to any type of use. 


While the API Audio 550A does come with an extraordinary price tag, for those looking for an incredible channel strip for their studio regardless of the price, Everest will work for you.  I don't own one of these myself as I don't have the budget for a top end piece of gear like this, but I've used it enough in a professional studio that it keeps me coming back for more whenever I get the chance.  If you ever get the chance or have the money to buy a top end channel strip like this one, definitely take advantage of doing so!