Mogami 2524
Mogami 2524

2524, Cavo al metro from Mogami.

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wwhhhaatt 19/04/2011

Mogami 2524 : Recensione di wwhhhaatt (content in English)

"Great cable for the DIY people"

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I purchased 50 ft. of this cable when I got tired of my George L's cutting out on my board. I shopped around for prices and could not believe what it would cost to have custom cables made for my board so I decided to take a crack at it myself. I have a loaded Pedal train pro along with a few smaller boards I use so I need a lot of cables and I need them to last. The Pedal train boards allow you to route cables underneath the board so you get a nice clean look with no cables to step on but, as I learned with the George L's , you need a sturdy cable with a solid soldered end.

This cables looks and feels like a good quality product. It is not too stiff and also does not feel like rubber in your hands. Some other cables seem to have too much bend memory where they tend to just coil themselves into a knot on stage.
Assembly was easy with a good soldering iron and quality plugs.I chose g&h plugs. I custom cut and wired my whole board in a few hours and did not have one bad cable. The sound was fuller to me compared to the George L's and seemed more present than the Canare cable I tried. These are not huge differences but sometimes the little things can make a big difference when getting into a performance. I can now lift my board out of the case and plop it on stage without any worries of loosening a non-soldered plug and re-arranging pedals also no longer results in re-doing my cables. At a buck a foot plus plug ends I see no reason for anyone to buy store made cables. You will be much happier with custom lengths and it's a great way to learn how to solder