Community DnD12
Community DnD12

DnD12, Casse portatili from Community.

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moosers 01/09/2011

Community DnD12 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Community DnD12's are two way portable personal address (PA) speaker cabinets for live sound. As the name suggests, these have 12" speakers, although there is also the DnD15 which is a bit larger and has a 15" speaker. They aren't the biggest speakers out there, but for use in a smaller venue or a bar, they're probably big and loud enough. I recently had the chance to try a set of these at a show I played over the weekend at a bar. They had a set of these for the PA, although we had to provide our own mixer, which was a Peavey. Although it was a somewhat small bar, I thought these speakers did a pretty good job of getting the sound out there. We were only using them for vocal microphones as we didn't mic any of the amps or drums. I had never heard of Community before I used these speakers, but was definitely pleasantly surprised to hear a clear and loud sound come from them. Upon further inspection, it seems like Community has a nice line of PA speakers and other products at pretty reasonable prices, although I honestly thought the DnD12's would be a bit cheaper than they are. Still, they won't break the bank and will provide you with a nice set of portable PA speakers for practicing with your band or for use in your small bar/venue. I think that I would probably go with something just a little bit cheaper if I were getting a set of PA speakers, but it all depends on what you're using them for. The Community DnD12's, and probably the DnD15's which are similar in specs but have a 15" speaker instead of 12", are well worth looking into as they are a nice option for a smaller PA speaker!