Beta Three RS15
Beta Three RS15

RS15, Casse Full range from Beta Three.

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AlanForPresident 31/07/2012

Beta Three RS15 : Recensione di AlanForPresident (content in English)

"Love using the RS 15"

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The RS15 is great for a monitoring speaker, I haven used this in a several different occasions over the last 3 years. It is amazing if used for voice and speech as well as using it for live music. If using the Betta Three RS 15 indoors you will need to make sure the indoor facility you are using it in is not to big, or too small as it can effect the sound. I love the way the Rs15 sounds in an outdoor setting, it seems like the open space just lets the speaker expand especially when playing music. The Rs15 has a plastic speaker with coaxial horn, it is perfectly design for maximum sound expansion and play back. The look of the Rs15 is very nice, it has a very nice sleek style and looks a lot different than most of the other models of speakers and PA systems that came out that same year that this one did. When purchasing this it is best to get the stand with it, because putting this on a ground level wont let the sound carry as well, you will want to have up of the ground and facing toward your listeners or the crowd (which ever you are using the speaker for).

The RS 15 sounded very similar to me to the Ra8’s and the Ra10’s. There difference in these monitors is so minimal it seems that the only difference is the price tag that’s tied to each one of them. The Rs15 peaks out at 1600W, and the total weight of it is around 29kg. It can be moved from place to place easy if you have some help. You could carry it yourself but you would have to be pretty strong, so don’t plan on being able to easily move it from your truck to the play site. The crossover point on the RS 15 is 2kHz with a frequency response of 45Hz - 20kHz. We love using the RS 15 every chance we get to use it, if I owned a club or something I would have purchased this back in 2008. Other models to look into if you like this one are the Ra8’s and the Ra 10’s as they are very similar to this one.