Mackie TH-15A
Mackie TH-15A

TH-15A, Casse amplificate from Mackie in the Thump series.

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ericthegreat 02/11/2011

Mackie TH-15A : Recensione di ericthegreat (content in English)

"Great for small venues"

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I purchased the Mackie Thmp 15A’s a while ago so I can make the switch to active lightweight speakers instead the heavy passive ones. I currently DJ a small restaurant/lounge with an average of 50-80 people and gave these a run with some hip-hop and dance music. These speakers are light, and the sound quality that comes out of these is quite impressive. I was truly surprised how clean it was for such a low-cost speaker, I will note that the noise people described was there at low volumes, but not as much as I expected. Turn up the volume, and you'll be fine. That's what they're for. Bass response was great, and the highs were clear. They were able to get the party started. The bad- Very little head room. The Thumps run out of gas and redlined at much lower volume than I anticipated. My confidence in them was lower when I saw that they were clipping so early. I don't think they made it past 95db before I noticed the red light blinking. I needed to keep adjusting the EQ on the amps to try and keep them protected. Bottom line is great sound, but not nearly as much to keep me confident in their reliability if I needed more out of them. Needless to say I returned them and upgraded to the Mackie SRM-450v2, which I have pushed far past what I gave the Thumps and have yet to see them break a sweat. After 3 gigs with them I am still amazed an happy with them. The 12" SRM-450v2's seem to have better bass response than the Thump 15". If you are looking to do very small events, house parties, or booth speaker then the Thumps are definitely your speaker. I highly recommend these for djing small venues and or small crowds.