PRX635, Casse amplificate from JBL in the PRX600 series.

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ericthegreat 02/11/2011

JBL PRX635 : Recensione di ericthegreat (content in English)

"VERY good!"

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In over 20 years of being a DJ I have never had speakers so awesome! We now have two sets of JBL PRX635’s and are planning on two more. We have been playing with these speakers for the past four months and this is what we have learned, Tight and punchy are perfect adjectives for these speakers. You will not get that throaty mellow sound you get from some companies so it is a different world if you’re going to switch from someone like B52 to JBL. Reasons we switched to this speaker:

1) 3 way speaker that is pole mountable. You used to have to get a tall floor speaker and then try and drive the sound through the crowd. Now you’re flying high and that makes it easier for announcements and getting sound to the back of a room. 2) Self powered means if I ever blow one amp I always can finish the night with one speaker. Redundancy is key! Oh and they do run hot and that’s normal. If the box was open it would change your sound. 3) Lightweight and easy to move. 4) Daisy chain. If I have a large venue I don’t have to try and add amps all I have to do is out one JBL and into the next JBL. My rack never has to change! 5) Mic input as well as line input on the speaker allows me to grab just a mic and a speaker for times when all a customer wants is speech or vocals. 6) Simple controls on the back of the speaker means my DJ’s are less likely to screw something up at a show. We also combined the PRX speakers with a DBX drive rack. They do sound better with, than without, and the drive rack has your limiter, compressor, pink noise filter, EQ and sub harmonics. I would look into that if you’re running active speakers.