Shubb Original Capo
Shubb Original Capo

Original Capo, Capotasto per chitarra from Shubb.

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moosers 19/05/2010

Shubb Original Capo : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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Shubb's Original Capo is a the flagship capo for Shubb, and is one that is often seen being used by guitarists. I should start off by saying that this was never my favorite capo to use, although I do think it can do the job just fine. It is certainly made well and it doesn't put too much grip on your guitar like some other capos do if you're concerned with that. It uses a screw system rather than the pull back capos that are seen most of the time. For me, I prefer having a capo like a Kyser rather than the Shubb with the screw as it's a lot easier for me to snap and it on and go. It definitely does seem to take a bit longer to put on this capo than it does with any other, which I guess isn't all that big a deal. I do see a lot of guitarists, mostly for acoustic guitars, using these capos. I'm not sure what the appeal is but I guess it maybe puts less stress on your guitar, although I can't say that I've tested this theory thoroughly. The price seems to be right in the range of other capos, so price shouldn't be a factor when it comes to choosing a capo. I'd encourage all guitarists or other stringed instrument players to try the Original Capo out as well as those made by Kyser and other capos like it to determine what you like best. Either way you can't really go wrong as both this and many other capos will do the job well. Although I don't own one of these since I prefer using the Kyser capo that I have, I can't discount this one as an option simply because I see many players out there with it. Definitely give them all a try for yourself, as choosing a capo is a matter of preference more than anything else...