Shubb Original Capo
Shubb Original Capo

Original Capo, Capotasto per chitarra from Shubb.

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Stormleader 25/07/2011

Shubb Original Capo : Recensione di Stormleader (content in English)

"Great capo that doesn't throw you out of tune"

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A while back I needed a capo for a song we were doing, but I didn't actually own one at that point. After doing a little research, I went ahead and got the Shubb Original Capo. Why did I choose it over other capos? Because of the adjustable tension. Sure, it takes a little longer to put on, but because you can adjust how much tension it puts on the strings it won't pull all your strings sharp. That's the problem with the Kyser capos, you might be OK if you only capo within the first three frets, but as you go further up on the next the neck obviously gets thicker, stretching the spring of the capo more, which in turn makes the capo press down harder on the strings, throwing your guitar sharp. Maybe not a huge problem when you are playing by yourself, but when playing in a band it is definitely an issue.

Sure, you can correct this by re-tuning, but that takes time, and then whenever you un-capo your guitar it's flat. Since you can adjust the amount of tension on the Shubb it eliminates that problem. I would rather spend the time upfront getting the tension adjusted correctly than have to constantly re-tune my guitar every time I use my capo.

Overall, I highly recommend some sort of Shubb capo over just about any other brand. They have several different models, including one optimized for 12 string guitars. Granted, there are other brands that have models with adjustable tension, but they typically cost double or more what the Shubb does. At $15-$20, the Shubb Original Capo is a grant product with a great price. I would definitely buy another one if I ever have to, or I might get the Deluxe version for even smoother action and reliability.