Yamaha SU700
Yamaha SU700

SU700, Campionatore from Yamaha.

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Audiofanzine FR 14/12/2008

Yamaha SU700 : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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(Originally written by roger2004ien/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Already detailed (see bellow)

Mine has the option for separate SCSI outputs

I didn't install the maximum RAM and it's a pity because the maximum sample length depends on that...

I can only sample about one minute

But that's already enough to make loops, isn't it?

I found a secondhand 4-GB SCSI HDD to save via SCSI (it wasn't easy to get the right cable)

The separate outs can be assigned in a dedicated menu. It's probably nice to transfer the separate outputs to a computer in order to process each track (EQ, compressor, etc.) but I produce the songs entirely in the SU.

I bought it a long time ago but I didn't use it a lot. I will update this review as soon as I learn more about it.


I've already owned similar devices and I have the user's manual, so it wasn't much of a problem...

Once you learn how it works, the configuration is logical and the small vintage LCD with blue pixels helps you. It displays the track status (on/off, volume, effect intensity, etc.) and much more to make it easy to understand...

People who work with software sequencers and don't know hardware sequencers must have a strong will. Although you can find the user's manual on the web and the device isn't that complicated. It's even very user friendly, a groove box is almost as difficult.

And the user's manual is very clear.

Sound editing is very intuitive (for example, the effect section is similar to the Yamaha RS7000 or RM1X), you must only adjust the different submenus with a rotary control, which makes the unit perfect for live applications where you need to configure effects on the fly.

The pads are quite responsive.

The recording section couldn't be easier.

The ribbon controller is nice: you can assign several cut-off or high-pass filters to it. It's fun!

This is essentially a device for live applications but it will easily find a place in your studio

if you want to spend less time with your computer. I know you would be only replacing one machine with another one but this one is more like a toy...

I'm a big retro fan!

For me it's a delight.

Of course it CANNOT replace a modern software sampler with all its functions (forget time stretching for example), but it's great if you combine it with a computer. You just have to prepare your samples on a PC (which is impossible with the SU), transfer them to the hardware, and enjoy more basic parameters (and good ergonomics!) that let you explore your creativity.

Yes, it can be an amazingly creative tool. Obviously you can't compare it with a software sequencer (not that you can't get creative with software, but it's different...)

The multi-effects processor is also great because it provides you with everything you need to test ideas.

I started assigning effect parameters to an UC33E: it's perfect for live applications...


This unit has a real sound character of its own.

Compared with my sound card, it's much better!

The sound is quite warm. You'll notice it as soon as you crank it up a bit.

It produces a big low-end. The overall sound is round, but I don't have professional monitors or headphones to give you more details.

The multi-effects is nice (compression, distortion, flanger, phaser, pan effects, etc.)

and it has enough editable parameters.


The device is not as heavy as you might think and it is RELIABLE.

I haven't had any crashes although it sometimes doesn't load songs properly. When that happens I just reboot, reload and everything works fine (but you have to patient, that's all).

I bought it secondhand for a good price.

I also bought the 4-GB SCSI HDD.

I'll give you a couple of tips if you plan to buy such a device:

Check all rotary controls while playing samples (ask for a demo with sample) and make sure that everything works as it should. Check the in/outs for noise.

If the unit works without a problem you can have all options for a good price. It's a real delight and a good deal!