Roland SP-404SX
Roland SP-404SX

SP-404SX, Campionatore from Roland in the SP series.

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JimboSpins 25/10/2012

Roland SP-404SX : Recensione di JimboSpins (content in English)

"DJ's need this"

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The SP-404SX replaced the original SP-404, I have used both models and both are worth the 500 dollars that they cost. The SP-404SX is a battery powered sampler and drum machine. It does have a sequencer built into it, but it is not as good as many other sequencers that I have used. The built in microphone is a huge plus though for when you want to record or sample some live stuff that is going on around you. The quality of the microphone is pretty decent just to be an on unit built in microphone.


The SP-404SX comes with 29 effects like, voice effects and filters. There are 3 control knobs and 12 pads to use for whatever you want to use them for. The pads are decent but not great, they are kind of stiff at first and don’t have that touch sensitive feel that I was use to. The software that comes with the SP-404SX can be used on PC or Macs . It is decent, but I don’t use it much anymore because I don’t think it was beneficial to my set up.


There are 2 RCA inputs and 1 TRS Microphone input. With 2 RCA and 1 headphone output you will have a way to get your audio out of the SP-404SX. The SP-404SX does have a MIDI in but no MIDI out and no digital outputs or digital inputs.


The SP-404SX runs with 6 AA batteries similar to the original SP-404 did. It is very portable and you can take it anywhere you want and use it. It is a must have for a DJ, you get some really good effects and the ability to just use the pads for effects in a live show. I have been using the SP-404SXfor 2 years now, and before that I was using the original SP-404 since about 2004.