VSL Vienna Instruments
VSL Vienna Instruments

Vienna Instruments, Campionatore Virtuale from VSL.

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ericthegreat 02/11/2011

VSL Vienna Instruments : Recensione di ericthegreat (content in English)

"good vst"

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I purchased the Vienna Special Edition, and everything sounds great! These samples are the industry standard for good reason. Unfortunately, if you really want a variety of articulations (such as ponticello tremolo), you'll need to buy the extended library. This doubles the cost. Also be prepared for a bit of a learning curve, not to mention a ton of re-mixing if you already had your arrangement almost finished using a sample library other than the VI. Still, you've got to take the plunge if you need really tasty orchestra samples. You won't be disappointed, but it may take a little while (initially) to have it sounding the way you want


Vienna Special edition it's amazing for it's price, I have some others libraries for scoring films, but with Vienna I have way more possibilities when it comes to phrasing and expression, plus it takes me less time to give the perfect organic touch to my film scores, it sounds just great. I love it! You will love it too, because when it comes to using vst’s in todays market there are literally a ton of different vst’s. Vienna is one that you will be able to use in almost all genre’s of music. They also update the program several times a year so you can download the upgrade and fixes for free. I ran this on my macbook and it worked perfectly . I am not too sure about pc’s though, but it will probably work fine. You can call them at any time if you have any questions they have a great customer support line.


This sample library is truly amazing. The level of realism that is possible for this price is truly astounding. I highly recommend this library. To really get the most out of it though, you'll have to work a little on your mix, in particular, your dry instrument tracks to reverb ratios. Once you get it right, though, it can have amazingly life-like outcomes