Vic Firth Signature Steve Gadd
Vic Firth Signature Steve Gadd

Signature Steve Gadd, Brush from Vic Firth.

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FateFelledVictim 10/10/2008

Vic Firth Signature Steve Gadd : Recensione di FateFelledVictim (content in English)


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I have used the Steve Gadd Signature sticks made by Vic Firth and they just weren’t the right sticks for what a played. I play primarily metal but I am also in a jazz band. The stick gives your ride cymbals awesome definition and they dance across every surface of the cymbal, but when you use it on the crashes, it makes it way too quiet. The hats on my set are 15” and these make them have a nice clean closed sound, but once open they have issues with the volume.

My other complaint is that these are just way too thin of sticks to be paying $7.75 for them. They break very easily if you use them for too long of a duration. These also make my toms sound too dull and lifeless for my sound. They are also very light, almost too light. I have used the the SD9 Driver, and multiple Vader and Zildjian sticks. My personal favorite is the SD9s, which have a better balance and control than the Gadd signatures. The tip on these is very good for ride cymbals, as said before, but the rest of the stick is really lacking. They are actually extremely brittle for being from Vic Firth, whom I believe make very good sticks.

The design does look good, but comes up lacking in performance. These sticks also have an issue with puncturing the drum heads on my drums, not all the way through, but still pretty far. Overall, I would say that these sticks are best for light players who don’t want to overpower everything else. I would save my time though and buy the SD9s. Since buying my SD9s 2 months ago, I have not bought any new sticks. SD9s are the way to go, they are the best stick I’ve ever used.