XLN Audio Addictive Drums
XLN Audio Addictive Drums

Addictive Drums, Batteria/Percussione Virtuale from XLN Audio in the Addictive Drums series.

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DJ Henny 12/03/2011

XLN Audio Addictive Drums : Recensione di DJ Henny (content in English)

"Decent drum samples that lack something."

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This VST installed brilliantly and as it should. It has worked great on just the one of my computers. I have used it on a low end computer (1.8GHZ pentium and 1gb ram) as well as my current (2.5GHZ Core2Quad & 4GB ram). On the low end PC it is generally unpleasant as it does not have enough power to process the sounds well. This is because of the resources this VST demands. This VST is mainly big on CPU usage, the main flaw of my low pc. On the high end computer it worked well and the sound quality is good. It installed perfectly and runs brilliantly without a hiccup at all. The library is easily accessable on the main window. They are all nicely organised through what types of percussion it is and the specification of the different types of instrument. It works nicely in both of the DAW's that I use, Ableton and FL Studio.


This VST loads surprisingly quick and well, I was under the impression that it would be slow and labourous like EZ Drummer, however it is pretty much the opposite. The sound quality is decent enough but I can't help but feel like there is too much effects on some of the samples at times. These can be turned off and down but it doesn't feel the same. This VST is remarkably stable for its type, much more than the likes of EZ Drummer. Maybe that is just me assuming that because of previous experience of live drum VST's. I have been using this sample pack for a few weeks now and have used pretty much every sound there is in the pack.


These drums are great if used in the right way. You can use these drums in nearly any type of music creation, including rock and hip hop, and sometimes pop if used in moderation. The sound quality is great however some of the sounds are effect heavy. As previously stateed, you can turn off any of the effects you wish by using the effects button which takes you to a screen fo the different effects applied to each sound. Of course these can be removed and tweaked at any time. These drums are well made enough for me to say that I am glad I got them, especially the snare samples. They are snappy and sharp and sound very well in any mix.