XLN Audio Addictive Drums
XLN Audio Addictive Drums

Addictive Drums, Batteria/Percussione Virtuale from XLN Audio in the Addictive Drums series.

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LoeFie 20/07/2011

XLN Audio Addictive Drums : Recensione di LoeFie (content in English)

"Addictive Drums "No contest""

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Right out of the box, this software was amazing. The install process was strait forward. Once installed i jumped right into a session and it was awesome!

After getting the initial jam session out of my systems, i started getting into the particulars of this software. This software is user friendly and not hard to configure for most systems.

I say most systems because some consumers will try to install this software on systems that are not up to par with the documented requirements. Leading to them having a bad experience with the software.


One of the biggest changes in the DAW world is teaming electric drums with VSTI drums as a supplement in home, and medium size production studios.

The down fall of VSTI's and electric drums are notation, compatibility and latency. consumers are going for broke to build a system that will translate the drumming needs in a low budget situation. addictive drums solves that problem.

I,ve used ADD with high end kits such the the YAMAHA DTX exstream III, down to the controversial Alesis DM10.

The DM10 is known to have a lot of cross talk, and struggles to constantly capture drums notations from advanced players. The DM10 runs about $999, i got one for $785 on black Friday last year from Musicians friend.

Linking the DM10 with ADD turned the DM10 into a virtual drum powerhouse. Of course i used ADD with the Yamaha with no problem as well, that is to be expected with a high end electric kit. With that said, even the DIY electric kits would come out on top if teamed up with this versatile VSTI.

After some tweaking on the DM10 IE: cross talk, firmware update and loading the usb drivers, i tested this team-up on three platforms. CUBASE SX, Pro-Tools, and fruity Loops.

The results where magnificent across all three platforms. My systems has 3.59ms of latency with a 128 bit buffer size. The sound card is a delta 1010 rack mount. If i set the buffer size lower the latency gets below 1 millisecond however, that is not necessary because at 3+ milliseconds there is no noticeable latency when recording midi our audio strait to the DAW. Outstanding!!


Considering all of the options out there Addictive drums is the best solution.

some say that the sound bank is not well defined and the foot print on the hard drive is to small to for it to be a contender. I disagree here is why:

1.Technology allow us to get better sound and performance while saving space.

2.This software is so well designed that you can even used it on DAW laptops for portable studios on the road. You cant get any more competitive than that.

3.The algorithms being used by XNL audio are revolutionary, and the fact that this product is recorded in world renowned studios in Europe with world class drummers means you are getting quality drum licks from every dimension and quality engineering to give you the feel your looking for. "quality not quantity wins every time."

As a drummer for 26 years, I know you can not tell the difference if i use ADD or a real kit.

Additive drums became the answer to my live drum solution for rock, jazz, hip-hop and neo soul. I don't have the space or equipment to record acoustic drums. This software could not have come at a more sensitive time in the world of DAW recording.

Addictive drums is stable, flexible and versatile as long as you install it on the computer that meets or exceeds the computing requirements. don't wait another minute, Address your live drum solution with Addictive drums.