Rayzoon Jamstix 2
Rayzoon Jamstix 2

Jamstix 2, Batteria/Percussione Virtuale from Rayzoon.

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sw80 02/03/2013

Rayzoon Jamstix 2 : Recensione di sw80 (content in English)

"Solid interface and nice features"

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Rayzoon Jamstix 2 is an advanced VST drumming program that will works with many DAW’s and production programs. I have used it with Cubase and FL Studio many times. It comes with a built in mixer and compressor and has some of the best drum samples that I have heard out of these types of VST’s. You can easily use the MIDI outputs or Key Mapping features to work with EZ Drummer or Addictive Drums which I both own. I would not say that Jamstix 2 is better than Addictive Drums or EQ Drummer but it works and sounds great.


Installing it was very quick and easy and it seems to be very stable. It has not crashed nor does it use much CPU to run it multiple times. The drum library is over 1 GB packed with sounds and you can even purchase other kits. One feature that I really liked with the Rayzoon Jamstix is the real time fill generator. The fill generator works in real time off of the style of song and drummer used.


All of the sounds and samples are very good, I do not think they are as good as EZ Drummer though. But if you purchase some of the expansion kits then you will start to get some really good kits, but the basic one that comes with Jamstix 2 does no appeal to me that much. This drum program is worth the money spent because it doesn’t cost that much and it has some really good features. The interface is better than many other drumming VST’s that I have used and it is very user friendly. If you want to see how good it is you can download the demo first before purchasing the full version to see if you will like it. I have been using it for a while and I am very satisfied with this software though I prefer EZ Drummer over Jamstix.