EastWest Drumkit From Hell 2
EastWest Drumkit From Hell 2

Drumkit From Hell 2, Batteria/Percussione Virtuale from EastWest.

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sw80 03/03/2013

EastWest Drumkit From Hell 2 : Recensione di sw80 (content in English)

"good sounds"

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East West Drum kit from hell 2 comes with 2.4 gigs and over 32 hundred files. All of the drum sounds are very authentic and natural sounding. This plug in does not take much of my CPU up on any system that I have used it on. I have been using this drum kit since around 2004 off and on and it has never given me any bad results. I do feel like the interface was a little more complicated than it needed to be though.


The Drum Kit from Hell 2 was professionally recorded and edited by award winning producers. It has just about everything you could ever ask for except a user friendly interface. All of the drum sounds do seem to be heavier than what I was expecting. I used the original drum kit from hell before this one came out and it didn’t seem like the kits where that aggressive but they really turned it up with this kit making it very aggressive.


Installing this VST was simple and it didn’t take long, it was easy to install it on my Windows XP system and my Mac computer at the time. I do not have it installed on my newest studio Mac computer now though because I do not feel like I would use it that much and it would be a waste of disk space. It only requires 2.5 GB of disk space though and can be run multiple times without it slowing down your system or freezing.
You can use this as a plug in VST or as a stand alone, I actually preferred using it as a stand alone to route the audio out to other gear. Or just to mess around with the sounds and kits then later work on sequencing with them. There are plenty of samples with this kit and the price was pretty good when it came out. There are plenty of percussion to last you for a long time.