2box DrumIt Five MK2
2box DrumIt Five MK2

DrumIt Five MK2, Electronic Drum Kit from 2box.

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Drumitrocks 30/11/2012

2box DrumIt Five MK2 : Recensione di Drumitrocks (content in English)

"A solid 4 stars with potential for 5 "

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Pros: the quality of the sounds housed within the brain are difficult to beat. Former Roland customer here. Playability is good too. Can use mesh, rubber, or real drum heads. Open sound source with company website offering periodical updates to sounds, features, and operating system. You can import your own .wav files and make your own sounds. It's a fraction of the cost of a flagship Roland kit yet in a sonic comparison, I'd be shocked if the Drumit did not prevail.

Cons: The rack system, while certainly adequate, does not denote a sense of professional gear. There seems to be a mismatch that could be sending a mixed message to consumers. The kit should scream "professional's choice" and is so to being worthy of just that. Cymbal triggering can be a bit fickle, especially the bell. No positional sensoring at this point. A choice of colors other than orange would most likely be welcomed. Headphone output is not nearly as hot as Roland modules.

Overall, I feel it's a big upgrade in many ways from my Roland kit. For the serious drummer who demands serious sounds, this kit should satisfy. A matchup of hardware to parallel what is likely to be the best sounding module available, would make this already superb kit the one to beat.