Slingerland Buddy Rich Kit
Slingerland Buddy Rich Kit

Buddy Rich Kit, Batteria Completa from Slingerland.

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moosers 21/12/2010

Slingerland Buddy Rich Kit : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Slingerland Buddy Rich Kit is a five piece drum set that of course is designed to replicate famous jazz drummer Buddy Rich’s kit. A studio I used to work at had one of these on hand for rentals. The kit has a somewhat unique make up (or at least the one I’ve used did), as it featured a 24” kick drum, a 13” tom tom, and two 16” floor tom drums. This is where it’s really evident that it’s Buddy Rich’s kit with the two floor tom drums, as this isn’t something you’re going to find on too many standard drum kits. I don’t know if it comes in more than one color, but the one we had was a white marine style kit with ‘BR’ imprinted on the kick drum. While of course this drum set is going to be best for playing jazz, it’s definitely not limited to this application in my opinion. It’s not your average light jazz drum kit as it definitely packs a bit of punch, especially with the two floor toms. I really don’t know any backing information to the Slingerland Buddy Rich kit as it was a kit we had on hand and otherwise probably would never have gotten to use it. Drums are not my primary instrument as the capacity that I’ve used this kit in has been as a recording engineer. The session we used the drums on was actually for a light rock/folk kind of recording and this kit excelled incredibly well. Unfortunately the studio where I used this is no longer there but hopefully I’ll get to use this kit again the future as it’s really a blast to record with since it’s got such a sweet sound. Buddy Rich fans of course need to check this out, but it’s certainly useful for non-fans and for non-jazz purposes as well…