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moosers 21/09/2009

Martin & Co B-1 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Martin & Co. B-1 is an acoustic bass guitar that has 23 frets and no pick ups, so it isn't an acoustic/electric.  This bass is no longer made, but this is definitely one of the better acoustic basses that has been made by Martin over the years.  It is a really easy instrument to play as the neck is quite fluid feeling and it is easy to play all around the neck.  It is easy to access the top notes, which is essential for playing an acoustic bass and I like to play up high as it cuts through really well on an acoustic bass.  The sound of the Martin & Co. B-1 is really crisp and full sounding and will cut through a mix well if you are playing with other acoustic instruments.  The bass guitar also sounds pretty awesome recorded as I can usually get a round and full sound pretty easily.  I usually record it with a tube condenser microphone like a Neumann M 149 or something similar as I find that this works great for both acoustic basses like this one and upright basses.  The is a really nice looking guitar that is of great quality and I wouldn't expect anything else from Martin as their entire line of guitars is made extremely well.  I haven't played all that many different acoustic basses as I find that they are pretty hard to come by, but this guitar definitely has a great feel and sound.  Martin doesn't make too many other acoustic basses, but this is definitley one of the better ones that they make.  The price is reasonable if you can find one used, so if you can find one of these basses around and are interested in getting an acoustic guitar, this is a great way to go.