Breedlove Atlas Studio BJ350/SM4
Breedlove Atlas Studio BJ350/SM4

Atlas Studio BJ350/SM4, 4-string acoustic bass guitar from Breedlove.

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moosers 03/12/2010

Breedlove Atlas Studio BJ350/SM4 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Breedlove Atlas Studio BJ350/SM4 is an acoustic electric bass guitar. This is a very finely crafted bass guitar, although I don't know it's origins in terms of where Breedlove makes their basses. It comes with a built in L.R. Baggs Stage Pro pick up that is controlled by an in depth panel. The bass also has a built in chromatic tuner. Check out the full list of specs for a more complete list of how the guitar is constructed, but suffice it to say that they've done a nice job putting this one together.


The playability of the Breedlove Atlas Studio BJ350/SM4 is top notch in my opinion. I play a decent amount of bass even though it isn't my primary instrument, but don't get my hands on too many acoustic basses. Having said this, I love the feel of this bass as it's one of the few acoustic basses that I've actually found easy to play. As far as controlling the tone and tuner goes, there's a small panel on the side of the guitar that has sliders for controlling the volume of the pick up, bass, middle, and treble EQ control, as well as knobs for phase, notch, and a button for engaging the tuner. This amount of control definitely makes it easy to get a good sound both acoustically and electrified.


Although I've mostly used the Breedlove Atlas Studio BJ350/SM4 as just an acoustic guitar, I will say that no matter how you choose to use the bass, it will sound good! It's definitely got a nice and round tone when played without an amp, and for the most part when it's played through an amp it stays pretty true to this original tone. As always you get a little more thumb to it when it's plugged it, but it's nice to have the EQ control and other parameters on here to help smooth it out when necessary...


The Breedlove Atlas Studio BJ350/SM4 is really a fine acoustic electric bass. It doesn't seem like there are too many cheap quality acoustic basses out there, so it's usually going to be necessary to spend a few bucks on something nice like this one to get a top quality instrument. I wouldn't say that in general I'm the biggest fan of acoustic basses and the way they sound, but the BJ350 is one of the best I've heard.
Don't expect to get the sound of an upright bass, but this is definitely fun to play and sounds great!