Vigier Passion Carbon
Vigier Passion Carbon

Passion Carbon, 4-string bass guitar from Vigier.

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Audiofanzine FR 15/12/2008

Vigier Passion Carbon : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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(Originally written by astroperenoel/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Vigier Passion 2:

French bass dated September 1986.

- Carbon neck-through body neck, phenowood fingerboard (wood/epoxy mix)

- 22 frets with zero fret, pearl inlays on fingerboard edge

- 2-piece alder body, glitter gray sunburst finish plus varnish.

- Schaller machine heads, Schaller bridge with 3D setting (3D-4 model)

- Passive Benedetti pickups

- Special electronics with volume control, 3-way toggle switch, 3-stage selector (-15/0/+15 dB), parametric filter and tone control for the bridge pickup

- 18-volt operation

It's wonderful, everything is exceptional, inventive and daring!

- When you only use the bridge pickup, the tone control becomes a volume knob (!)


Extremely pleasant neck, perfect access to upper frets, it's as fast as it gets!

The action can be set very low.

Slightly aggressive but very versatile body shape.

Daring pickups positions (3rd octave for the neck pickup and 4th octave for the bridge pickup), very effective, and they allow you to perfectly block the thumb for walking bass lines.

Average weight.

Total versatility.

The feel of the pickups is disconcerting at first but after a while it becomes very pleasant even if the thumb doesn't normally like thin edges.



The acoustic sound is surprising.

The electric sound has a very dynamic response without noise. The sound is absolutely CLEAN.

Slapping is amazing!!

When tapping it sounds perfectly precise!

With finger picking the sound is accurate, clear and rich with a long sustain!

With a pick you get an incredible sound with lots of overtones!

Dynamics, precision and balance regardless of the position on the neck and the string you play!

Very comprehensive electronic possibilities... it's incredible!

The parametric filter can replace the standard 3-band EQ (it's the best bass EQ to my taste and Patrice Vigier says a second one would be necessary to scoop the whole frequency spectrum of an active preamp...). This solution makes a standard 3-band EQ fully obsolete.

The French passive Benedetti pickups are a delight. Nowadays, Vigier uses Delano pickups.

No noise in spite of the very large frequency response.

Thanks to the design and the production quality, every sound is possible, from a very fat and damped tone (double bass-like) to a very brilliant and sharp one.


I bought it at the beginning of 2008 on an auction website.

It was love at first sight. I never thought I would ever own such an old secondhand Vigier bass guitar!

But for me, it sounds better than all "modern" basses!

Vigier builds excellent instruments and this one is another proof of that!

It's not new so it could use new frets, an electronics restoration and a new varnish...

But it's the ultimate bass for metal freaks looking for an accurate, natural and dynamic sound.

But also for everyone else looking for a versatile instrument.