Fender Standard Jazz Bass [2006-2008]
Fender Standard Jazz Bass [2006-2008]

Standard Jazz Bass [2006-2008], 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Jazz Bass series.

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moosers 23/07/2010

Fender Standard Jazz Bass [2006-2008] : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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Fender's Mexican JazzBass (Standard Series) is an electric bass guitar that I've got experience using in the recording studio and for practicing. The bass player that I'm currently playing with has one of these, so I play it a lot and have recorded it a number of times. Don't let the Mexican implications fool you, as this is a great instrument. The bass has two single coil, bi-pole pick ups, with standard tone and volume knobs. I don't know what kinds of materials this bass is made out of...


Playing the Fender Mexican Jazz Bass is really easy, as it's got a really slim neck. It feels good on the fingers pretty consistently, and I've always found getting a good sound to be fairly simple as well. Even so, there are a good amount of differing tones you can get even just between the two pick ups. The bass is about average in terms of weight and size.


The sound of the Fender Mexican Jazz Bass is round and full and is pretty much the ideal tone for a bass guitar, only being surpassed by a better built American Jazz Bass. For recording I'll usually take a direct signal as well as an amp'd sound, but it all starts with the bass. The last record that I did with the Fender Mexican Jazz Bass, I also used an American P Bass for some songs, and ended up like the Mexican Jazz Bass more. This could just be a preference thing between Jazz and P Basses, but it's still worth noting. I believe that Jazz Basses in general are the best available basses.


If you're a bass player on any level except for maybe a high end professional, the Fender Mexican Jazz Bass is a great bass to have. It's got a superb sound and excellent feel, and since it was made in Mexico, it has a really small price tag. Don't get me wrong, if you can afford an American Jazz Bass, you should absolutely spend the extra money as they are better basses, but if you can't afford one, the Mexican Jazz Bass is a very fine substitute. Coming from the masters in guitars in Fender, the Mexican Jazz Bass is probably the best bang for your buck that you'll find in a bass guitar....