Fender Deluxe Jaguar Bass
Fender Deluxe Jaguar Bass

Deluxe Jaguar Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Jaguar Bass series.

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moosers 19/11/2009

Fender Deluxe Jaguar Bass : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Fender Jaguar Bass is an electric bass guitar that has two single coil pick ups and a variety of setting controls.  The guitar comes in a few different versions, but the one that I have used was made in Japan.  This guitar takes the basic make up of the Jaguar guitar and applies it to the bass, offering up the ability to change the tone of the bass sound in a lot of different ways.  The neck is made out of maple and has an overall great feel to it.


The configuration of the Fender Jaguar Bass is a bit more complex than most electric basses, but it is worth it to learn what everything does as all of the tone control settings can really be helpful.  The bass has knobs for overall volume and tone, and also has a series of pick up switches and sliders to control your tone in a variety of ways.  The weight is average for a Fender bass guitar and the feel is perfect as it is easy to follow all up and down the neck.  Getting a good sound isn't hard at all as this is a versatile bass that is capable of getting tone for a variety of different genres. 


The tones possible with the Fender Jaguar Bass are versatile and are overall great sounding.  I find it easy to get all sorts of different tones with this bass and for this reason I love using it in the studio.  It makes it easy to switch from one type of tone to another without having to switch a bass or something else manipulating the sound.  I have only used the bass for recording and generally use both an amp and a direct input box when trying to get a sound down, as this gives me options when I go to mix down.  Although I haven't used it for any live shows, I can tell that this would also be a great bass for this application since it is so easy and quick to change tones.


I've used the Fender Jaguar Bass for about a year for recording and have to say that it is one of my favorite basses to record with because of its elite sound quality and versatility in terms of tone.  The price is about right for a top tier bass, but is still aimed at those looking for a top notch bass as this isn't cheap.  If you want a very cool looking and sounding electric bass guitar, definitely consider the Fender Jaguar Bass.