Hohner Chromatica
Hohner Chromatica

Chromatica, Armonica from Hohner.

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moosers 20/05/2009

Hohner Chromatica : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Hohner Chromatica is a unique harmonica in the fact that it is a chromatic harmonica and is an extra large size. Most harmonicas are diatonic, meaning that they are limited to a single key, but the Hohner Chromatica contains every note in the western scales and covers about three octaves and 35 holes. I've been using the Hohner Chromatica for about two years and its great to be able to play any song on a single harmonica. While its nice to have a harmonica that only sounds in one key, it can sometimes be limited because you can only play a certain number of notes. This harmonica gives you the ability to play any song in any key and also allows you to add in whatever blue or chromatic notes you would want to play to spice it up. The harmonica is built very well which makes it have as good of a sound as it does. While it may seem like it is a little bit awkward to play because of its abnormally large size, you definitely get used to it after playing it for a little while. The tone of the Hohner Chromatica makes it an awesome buy as it not only is versatile and feels good on your mouth but has a tremendous tone. Hohner is the world leader when it comes to making harmonicas, and the Chromatica is one of their most unique and versatile models. The price of the Hohner Chromatica isn't extremely cheap, but is at a reasonable price. It is aimed at those experienced players who want to expand their horizons when playing harmonica. The Hohner Chromatica will certainly do that and then some - I highly recommend it to any harmonica player who wants a great chromatic harmonica at a good price.