Apple PowerMac G4 1,25 GHz
Apple PowerMac G4 1,25 GHz

PowerMac G4 1,25 GHz, Apple Fisso from Apple in the PowerMac series.

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moosers 12/02/2009

Apple PowerMac G4 1,25 GHz : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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This was the first Apple computer I got when I wanted to get Pro Tools and switch over to OS X. I got it about four or five years ago and it served me well until about two years ago when I got a Mac Book Pro. My PowerMac G4 has a 1.25 Ghz and 1 GB of RAM. It has a 80 GB internal hard drive. This seems pretty slow at todays rate, but at the time it worked great for me when learning Pro Tools and recording in my home studio. I had Pro Tools LE 7 working quite well on this machine, able to record five or six tracks at once without problems and could sometimes get away with more. The machine seemed to get slower with age however, as I seem to recall being able to run 8 tracks without a problem when I first got it and when I stopped using it I could only run about 6 without problem. It seemed after a while the computer just couldn't handle as much processing power. When it comes to mixing and using plug-ins I was able to use a pretty good amount of tracks and plug-ins at once without problems. I've had a full 32 track mix with plug-ins on almost every track run pretty smoothly. While this computer isn't the fastest thing in the world by a long shot this day and age, but for small projects or demos this will work fine for Pro Tools and other recording DAWs. While these are dying out, and of course you would like to see a machine with larger RAM and a more powerful processor, they are dirt cheap at this point if you can get one and it is perfect for some one trying to an accessible an extremely cheap recording rig.